Collaborative Community

Our hope is that participants will build on each others ideas and bring moonshot proposals to reality.

Great Moonshot discussions require an innovative mindset--including a healthy disregard for the impossible--while still maintaining a level of practicality. Our hope is that participants will build on one another’s thoughts and help drive these ideas towards implementable Moonshots. Here’s our collaborative feedback culture:

2/3 “Yes, And...”

To facilitate useful, action-oriented discussions, Solve For X has adopted techniques often used in open-ended brainstorming and in the improv theater world that we call “Yes, And” -- meaning “how can we build on the ideas presented and help this person or team get to the next step and the end goal(s).” Thinking “Yes, And...” helps shift the conversation from looking for ‘holes’ in ideas to thinking about how to build on the concept.

1/3 “Yes, But...”

At the same time, critique is absolutely essential. Therefore, all participants are encouraged to help each other spend more (2/3rds) of the time on “Yes, And...” but also allow some (1/3rd) time for “Yes, But” to critique ideas and ask critical or clarifying questions.

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