Partner Organizations

Organizations from around the world have joined the Solve for X community in order to brainstorm ways to share and amplify moonshot thinking globally; the sky's (not) the limit.

We invite you to click on our partners' logos below to learn more about thier unique events and programs and to discover how they are helping to amplify moonshot thinking globally.

MIT Tech Review Focus Forward Films
TED X Prize Foundation
Singularity University Arizona State University Center For Science and Imagination

For launch, our partners have submitted moonshot videos from their own events and programs to inspire trailblazing in science and technology. Amongst the videos are quick paced talks by MIT Technology Review’s Innovators Under 35, GE and cinelan’s incredible series of "short films with big ideas," GE FOCUS FORWARD, and several TED talks with a Solve for X-type “Big Problem – Breakthrough Technology – Radical Solution” approach to their “Ideas worth spreading.”

X PRIZE is also inspiring Moonshots with their prize as well as with several educational initiatives to engage youth in solving big problems with a technology-based Moonshot approach.

Singularity University's student companies will be recording videos discussing their Moonshot proposals, and we will be on the ground at ASU CSI's Emerge Conference, where we are collaborating to put on some special Solve for X-style programming.

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